Spotify South Africa

Spotify is an absolutely awesome online music streaming service. Even if you only get the free version and have to put up with some of their adverts it’s still pretty awesome. The only problem is that Spotify don’t offer their service in South Africa. Well, it doesn’t have to stay a problem because we have the solution. All it takes is to be a little sneaky with you IP address and you’ll be streaming tunes from Spotify in South Africa faster than you can say “80’s anthem marathon!”.

So while there has been a lot of talk about Spotify South Africa launching there has been very little action. It all comes down to dollars. Spotify have to pay licensing fees for all the music they make available and the fees are paid on a per location basis. It’s no surprise then that they offer their services in countries like the USA and UK where people have bucks and don’t offer it in countries like South Africa where a lot less people can afford it.

Spotify South Africa

To prevent access to their service from the countries that aren’t serviced they check out your IP address. Your IP address is a dead giveaway as to the country you’re in. This is also the key to the solution needed. If we can change our IP address so that it looks like we’re actually in the USA then we’re onto a winner.

Changing your IP address is as simple as using a VPN but not all VPN service providers are equal. There are some free solutions that people try but they really suck and are super slow. Our recommendation is to use the services of Smart DNS Proxy. If you set up your DNS settings like they tell you to and make use of their VPN servers in the USA then not only can you get Spotify in South Africa but you’ll get an even better version of Netflix South Africa.

There’s no need to fiddle with the knobs on your radio or haul out that mix tape Suzy gave you back in high school to try and get decent music. Just follow the instructions on the Smart DNS website and use their VPN servers. Once you’ve got it set up you’ll be able to listen to Spotify in South Africa.