Netflix India

Netflix has become incredibly popular and while it is only officially available in certain parts of the world it seems people in many other countries, such as India, are looking for ways to be able to watch the great content that Netflix subscribers in America are able to enjoy. Almost ten thousand people in India search for Netflix on the internet each month. India is a huge market with more than a billion people albeit that they don’t have the sort of spending power that the demographics in the US do. Netflix doesn’t currently operate in India though and although there has been a lot of talk from them it doesn’t seem that they intend to begin offering their services there any time soon. The cost of media licensing as well as the sort of money they would have to spend to market their service in India seems to be too prohibitive for now. Also, deciding on the kind of content to show will be a challenge when the company doesn’t really understand what people are looking for in that market. There are also a lot of different companies trying to offer alternatives to Netflix and the huge amount of content coming out of Bollywood and the insatiable appetite for these movies means there is a lot of competition for viewers and subscribers.

More and more people in India are realising though that they can get around the geoblocking restrictions and can now access American Netflix using DNS codes to make it appear that they are accessing the content from within the US. There are a number of people who trawl the internet looking for free American DNS codes and there are a number of these that do work. Whether or not these are worth the time and effort it takes to find them is debateable. Often these DNS codes are hosted on servers that aren’t exactly the quickest and seeing as the people using these codes aren’t paying for them there is little incentive to spend the money to improve the hardware. Internet access in India is fairly ubiquitous and there is an increasing number of people there that are going this route.


A lot of people in India are realising though that there are some easy to use DNS service providers that offer really good services for fairly low subscription rates. There are a number of companies you could use but some American Netflix DNS service providers have become more popular than others. When you are considering one of the paid options they all offer pretty much the same level of service and it really comes down to making sure that they have servers near to where you live as this will have an impact on how fast your access will be. Pricing is also an important factor. Most charge around $5 a month but there are some that will give you discounted rates if you sign up for a year or more.

It will be a long time before Netflix starts to offer their service in India and even if they eventually do it won’t be with the same content offering as is currently available in the US. There’s no need to wait because if you use American DNS codes you can watch Netflix in India today!

American Netflix DNS Codes

If you’re looking for American DNS codes then I’m guessing it’s because you’d like to access Netflix but aren’t able to because of where you happen to find yourself in the world. Netflix blocks access to their content based on the IP address of your computer because of geographic content licensing agreements they have to abide by. Does that mean you should just give up? Heck no! There are ways around this but, as with most things, there’s and easy way and a hard way. Trawling through the internet trying to find DNS codes that will help you get around this issue works but can be a pain. You can find these DNS codes but often once you’ve found one that does work it doesn’t end up working for very long. While these DNS codes are described as “free” the hassle factor and the value of your time mean that while you think you’re saving yourself some cash they can actually end up costing you money. We prefer using a paid service with professional DNS servers rather than the free ones and here’s why.

American Netflix DNS Codes

Why you shouldn’t bother with free American Netflix DNS codes

Yes it’s possible to find some DNS codes that will work for you and if you enjoy scavenger hunts and have plenty of time and don’t mind doing it all over again in a few days time then go for it. We just think there are better things to do with our time, like actually watching Netflix instead of crawling around forums and trying these codes one after the other until you find one that works. Even if you do eventually find a code that works after a few hours you would have saved all of about $5 for the month. Now I don’t know about you but I’m not willing to spend 2 or 3 hours each month to save $5.

When someone posts a free DNS on a forum or on their website it often gets swamped by loads of people and because whoever owns the server isn’t using it to make money it’s not likely to be a decent server that can handle the traffic. Guess what happens to your Netflix viewing plans? All you end up looking at is the spinning circle of buffering death. With a paid option you can be sure that the Domain Name Server they are using is going to be up to handling the traffic. It’s in their interest to do this because if they can’t handle more clients then they don’t make more money.

If you’ve ever used free American DNS codes then you know that they all come with an expiry date because they never seem to last very long. The US Netflix DNS service providers that charge for their services have no need to keep changing the DNS codes because they own the equipment that acts as the servers. They don’t want their customers to have to fiddle around on their network settings every few days because they know that they’ll leave them and go somewhere else. Using a paid service means that you get a true set and forget solution.


There is also a security issue to take into consideration. There are plenty of unscrupulous people hanging out on the interwebs just waiting for an opportunity to lighten your pockets. People have been known to exploit the free DNS codes for dodgy redirects to scammy sites or even to make attempts at installing malicious software on the computers of people using these servers.

Some people have tried going the VPN route and while there are some reputable VPN service providers this isn’t the best solution if you’re trying to watch Netflix outside the US. VPN’s can get pretty slow pretty quickly. They also don’t discriminate between different types of internet traffic as well as the DNS solution does so you end up routing all your internet data via the VPN which isn’t ideal.

Even if these free DNS codes were perfectly safe to use we just don’t think that they are worth the effort. This is especially true when you consider how cheap the decent paid options are. There are loads of quality, professional service providers that have DNS servers all over the world. The costs to use these services range from around $5 to $2 per month. Now to me that sounds like a far better deal than messing around for hours just to save yourself the cost of a coffee. This means that regardless of where you are traveling or living you will be able to watch Netflix for just a few bucks more than you would have if you were living in the US.

One of my favorite DNS service providers is a company called Smart DNS Proxies. They have servers all over the world and I’ve been using their DNS codes to watch Netflix for ages now with great success. Here is a list of the current DNS servers they have around the world:

Australia, Sydney :
Brazil, Sao Paulo :
Germany, Frankfurt :
Israel, Tel Aviv :
Ireland, Dublin :
Singapore :
Turkey, Istanbul :
United States, East :
United States, West :

Bear in mind that these DNS codes will only work if you have an active subscription with Smart DNS Proxies. It really doesn’t matter where you are though. If you want to watch Netflix South Africa, done. If you are traveling in Asia and want to watch Netflix India, no problem.

They have a free 2 week trial that you can try out and all you need to access it is your email address. Their subscriptions start at $5 per month but you can save yourself some bucks by signing up for their 12 or 24 month packages. They often have some great special offers as well so look out for those. It doesn’t matter what type of device you are using to watch Netflix either because their setup page is comprehensive and easy to use. They have step by step instructions on how to set up the DNS codes on PC, Apple devices, Android devices, Smart TV’s, routers, you name it. Choose your device, operating system and model and they show you exactly how to get set up.

If you are looking for some more info on American Netflix DNS codes then there is a lot of information on the internet and a lot of discussion and debate about the best way to do this. There will be a lot of people still trying to promote the VPN route and others again that prefer the DNS solution. In our experience it’s best to forget about the VPN’s or trying to find the free DNS codes and rather just use a service like Smart DNS Proxies.